Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9, 2009


Well, I know it's a hard fight you're in right now but you can handle it! You are doing so good!!!
Mom said today during your therapy, they put your tennis shoes on you. You did not like that at all and made a terrible face. They said that putting your shoes on sends a message to the brain. Then they put you on the tilt board. Mom said they had it almost completely vertical and you reached over with your right hand and tried to steady yourself on the bed next to the tilt board. That is fabulous!!!
Dwayne said to you to touch your nose if you want to lay down and you touched your nose. They let the tilt board down a little bit and asked you if you wanted to go some more. They said raise one finger for no and two fingers for raised your middle finger. That is a definite no, I'd say. Ha! Then Jerry told you to let go of his hand and grab your right ear if you wanted to get back in bed. Mom said you grabbed your right ear and wouldn't let go. They were all so excited. Julie your speech therapist told mom that you are following commands and wants to get you talking. She said that if they change out the trach you'd be able to make verbal sounds. She also mentioned that they will start giving you ice chips with dye. What that does is...after you swallow the ice chips they suction your lungs. If you have dye in your lungs then it went down the wrong pipe. If you don't that means you swallowed it right. So simple and yet...brilliant! Mom also said that Jerry wants to put you in a wheel chair's not a traditional wheelchair, this one is a little more reclined. I can't wait to see how you do with that. Mom said she's going to try and get them to take you outside for a minute or love the outdoors and it's been three months since you've spent anytime outside. Simple pleasures, huh? Oh how we take them for granted! Love you Johnny! See you tomorrow. xo Jen

To Johnny's friends and family: The physical therapist suggested that we put together a picture CD or a scrapbook for Johnny. We have tons of pictures of course but if there is one you might have that your in with Johnny or one of Johnny and his daughter, would you send me a copy of it...either via email or snail mail. The therapist said that we are to show him the pictures and not ask him if he knows who the people are but rather tell him..."Johnny, this is you and Jackie at the zoo" ... etc. what we will be doing is putting information into his brain. It's just amazing and to see Johnny begin to come back to us is such a blessing! Please continue to pray. See below for my mailing/email info. Thanks!! Jen
Jennifer Smith
6050 Crest Drive
Midlothian, Texas 76065

From Diana:
So, you are certainly more awake. I asked "do you know who I am?" you mouthed yes. You formed my name on your lips...I think. So, your mom said they stood you up (a tilt board). That's very good. Your dad and I are still house hunting. I go t 6pm tonight to look at another. This one is on 709, right out of Hubbard on 31. We'll see. I'm almost to a "don't care" point. It all happened quickly - snowballed at the point of your injury. Anyway, we are finding it difficult to be more attentive for you. We love you very much. We want to come back Friday if all goes well. I think this is a good place. I hope so. At least they are working with you and not letting you just lay here. Everyone continues to pray and hope for you recovery. Love dad and Diana.

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