Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1, 2009


Today is 11 weeks. It just doesn't seem possible that this even happened and that it's been 11 weeks, what can I say...I wish it was a nightmare that I'll wake up from. The last couple of days have been about the same. You are infection free so the doctor took you off antibiotics. They are watching you to see how you do. You still have congestion but it's considered normal. I came to visit you today during the day and you were so calm and peaceful...really very sweet! It breaks my heart to see you like this, knowing how you once were. I'm just so thankful that we have you at all. The outcome could have been so different. I love you so much little brother and I miss you terribly!

You trying to be sneaky and messing with your trach...

Well, PRAISE GOD!! PRAISE GOD!! PRAISE GOD!! I just heard from mom who heard from your caseworker at Parkland...your moving to Texas Specialty Long Term Acute Care Hospital tomorrow!! Woo Hoo!! God is in control! I'm ecstatic! I don't need to tell you, we were dancing around the kitchen! We've been praying so hard that someone would step up that had a heart for their field and see the medical need you have. I am so happy! I have seen you progress since you were moved from Manor care and I can't wait to see you impress us all in this new facility! Oh Johnny, I am so proud of you! You keep giving it your all and we'll keep praying. I love you! I love you! and I miss you!! xo Jen

Email from Aunt Von:
Dearest Jenn,
Thank the Lord for this last bit of good news (August 29th) and also thanks to you that we can share in all of the improvement about Johnny on the blog that you faithfully keep up with and all of the other things you are doing.
We can't be there in body but we are in spirit and our payers are with Johnny each and every day. We know this is the best help Johnny will get.
We know all too well what head traumas will and can do.
Tell Johnny we love and are thinking of him and praying for him. Also tell Jackie we love her and praying for her. Just as we are all of the family. You and Nancy just take care of yourselves and do not get run down or you might wind up in the hospital also and you don't want that to happen as Johnny will really need all of you when he comes home. I know I have not corresponded much but I know how run ragged you and Nancy are so I do not want to burden either one of you further.

Love to ALL....Prayers for everyone. Lots of Love, Aunt Von

Your visitors Sunday, 8/30
Mom, Robert, Dad, Diana
Your visitors Monday, 8/31
Mom, Jen, Jackie, Christy
Your visitors Tuesday, 9/1
Mom, Jen, Gary, Diana

(If I've left anyone out, I'm so sorry! Please post a comment to let Johnny know what ever it is you'd like to tell him. God bless and keep praying!! God's listening!!)

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  1. It is great news to hear that you are being moved. As well as you are still improving and being nice to everyone. I know that your mom and Jen. will rest a little better knowing that you are in a place that will take care of you. Although it will not stop them from taken care of you as well. You are so loved and we all miss you over here. Your uncle Jackie and Aunt Pam said Hi and they love you. Granny as well she is happy to hear that you are doing better then before. As for all of us we will continue to pray for you.
    Love always and forever,
    Johnny and Janice