Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8, 2009


Twelve weeks today...
Cody and I came to see you this morning. I am so glad we did!!! When we walked in your right eye was wide open. You were hooked up to an IV...the nurse said you have bacteria in your sputum...meaning, your infection is back in your lungs. This will put your pump back a few weeks. You have to be completely infection free for some time before you can get it because of where it goes. Anyway, while there, I met your Physical Therapist Jerry. Funny guy although you didn't think so when he was doing your leg and arm exercises.

He did say that he is positive you are not blind in your right eye. He simulated hitting towards your right eye and you blinked every time. He said you wouldn't do that if you were blind. Praise God! You tolerated the bed therapy well but when Jerry did your left hand, you came up off the pillow.

Jerry said that he was going to put you on a tilt table and get you standing today...of course, my mouth dropped open. I called mom and told her to get here quick, it was 10am and they were going to do it at 10:30. Jerry said that he would like to get the tilt table to a 60 degree angle. He said that when doing this it stimulates the nerve in the stomach causing a BM. This is unfortunate but a good thing. It tells us that your progressing normally, where you should be. Well, he was able to get you to 30 degrees and considering the only position you've been in for 12weeks is horizontal, this is a good thing!

Jerry said that you will continue with the tilt table, everyday, until you can tolerate 80 degrees for 5-10 minutes without having a BM. Once you accomplish that goal, you will move to a standing frame. How exciting!! This therapy is crucial to enable you to stand.

After Jerry left the first time, Kamini came in. She's your Occupational therapist. Kamini did your initial assessment. Dwayne will be doing your occupational therapy after that, daily. You registered pain while Kamini was working on your left side but kept your eyes closed the whole time.

When Jerry came back to put you on the tilt board, it was standing room only. You had Mom, me, Cody, Jerry, Kamini, Dwayne, your nurse and Julie your speech therapist there. You were very popular.

Here's some things I learned today...
Physical Therapy is mobility, standing up, walking, walking with a walker and able to use wheel chair.

Occupational therapy is fine motor skills. Usually upper extremities. Dressing yourself, buttons, brushing teeth, tying shoes.

Speech therapy is verbal, weening of the trach, pronunciation.

Very interesting. Praise God you are in Texas Specialty...they are everything they promised they would be...so far and they are everything that we had hoped they would be. I am so excited to see what you can do!

Oh, Mom quit her job. She was telling the nurse that and the nurse said, that's called, "for the love of Johnny" ... I thought that was appropriate and very sweet.

Love you Johnny! xo Jen

***For Johnny's friends who might visit, he will be having therapy in the mid mornings Monday - Friday so they suggest Johnny not have visitors until after 1pm on those days because it wears him out and he sleeps afterwards. Thanks for understanding : )

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  1. Hey Cuz, It's nice to hear that you are doing better then before.Sorry to hear that your infection is back:(I know you are fighting everything along with God. We love you over here and can't wait for you to walk and talk.

    Love Always and Forever