Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17, 2009


I walked in to see you this morning and Jerry and Julie were already there. They were preparing to get you in your chair. I walked in and said "hi Johnny" and you said, "Hiii". I almost cried! Julie said she put the speaking valve on your trach and that's why I was hearing you so plainly. I asked you how you were doing today and you didn't respond. I asked you to give me a kiss and you pulled my hand to your lips and puckered. Whoa! Incredible! I told you that Jackie wanted me to tell you hi and that she loves you, and then I asked if you wanted to tell her anything...You said, "hi". I said, okay, I'll tell her you said hi. Is there anything else you want me to tell her? You didn't say anything. I said do you want me to tell her you love her? You said, "Yeee". I turned to Julie and asked her, did he say yes? And Julie said, yes he did, he's communicating with you.

Jerry helped you to sit up on the side of your bed and you propped yourself up with your right hand.

When he got you completely situated, Jerry, Julie and I moved you to your chair.

Jerry worked on head control with you and then gave you a toothbrush to brush your teeth and a warm wash rag to clean your face. You followed your commands perfectly!

Jerry gave me about an hour alone with you still in your wheel chair. I showed you pictures of our family and you kissed a picture of Jackie. It was precious! I asked you to do it again and got the camera ready. I showed the picture to Jackie later and she cried. She misses you so much Johnny. I think it was good for her to see that you love her...we can tell her all day long but to see that picture, it gave her proof.

You lost interest in the pictures after a while and we started throwing the ball. Your really getting good at that!

When Jerry came back, we put you back in bed and got you all comfy. You fell asleep shortly after that with your mouth open. I stayed as long as I could but I had to get back to Midlothian to pick up kids.

I really enjoyed our visit Johnny! Your amazing! xo Jen

Valerie came to visit you.
I finally came to see you today and I'm amazed at the change. You did however want to sleep the entire time I was there, as always. I pick the worst time to come see you, that's okay need your rest.

Nancy was there when I got there and she missed her calling to be a nurse. She was all over that room working on you. She is so precious. I'm not sure what you would do without her and Jennifer. They are so good to you.

You were going in and out of sleep but I did get to see you try to communicate. You had a muscle relaxer so I don't think you had it in you to do much. You waved bye to me and that made my day. You had your boxing glove on so it was so cute to see you wave with it.
It breaks my heart when the nurses/doctors walk in the room because you open your eye so wide almost like your trying to tell them something. Are they being nice to you when no one is there, are you trying to listen to see if you can understand what all is going on. What are you thinking?

I'm ready to see you get some fat on your body. Not that you've ever had any fat on your body though. Your super skinny. Maybe when you can start eating solid foods you'll gain more strength.

I'll see you soon and keep up the hard work with your therapy. Your amazing.

By the way, Jennifer, the picture of him kissing Jackie's picture is the most precious thing i have ever seen!!!

Love you Johnny, Valerie

***an email from your cousin Leroy
I just got done updating myself on the blog. I waited to write this because I started crying and couldn't stop. He is starting to talk, that is unbelievable news. I am so happy for him and you, Jackie, your mom and everybody. Johnny's strength to strive forward comes from his devoted family as well as from his inner strength. Tell Johnny I said keep it up. We pray for you all everyday. All my love cousin. Leroy

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