Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26, 2009


Mom said that you were pretty interactive today. She said that she cut your fingernails and toenails and filed your nails. She said you let her do it but didn't like it much. During your breathing treatment, you would say ahhhh when the treatment was going and when it stopped you would stop and then when it would start up again, you start saying ahhhh again. Mom said it was like you were mimicking the treatment. She said that you then said dammmmnnnn. I wonder if your moving into the cussing stage....
Some commands you followed for mom today:
Mom said that she told you to shake her hand and you put down what you were holding and shook her hand.
Mom said to lift two fingers if you knew where you were and you lifted two fingers.
She said, if you know your in the hospital lift two fingers and you did.
She said, if you know you were in an accident, lift two fingers and you did.
She said, are you in pain? Lift 1 finger for no and two fingers for yes and you lifted 1 finger.
She said that you were in and out of sleep and every time you opened your eyes mom would say hi and you would wave hi. Mom said that you did that a couple of times.
Mom said that she showed you some pictures and you kissed Jackie's picture.

While mom was on the phone talking to me, I could hear you in the back ground. Mom said, Johnny, Jennifer's on the phone, tell her hi and you said hi! Then she said, tell her bye and you said hi....Wow! I'll take it!

You are doing so good! I am so excited! Keep up the good work Johnny! We love you!!! xo Jen

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