Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009


Well, the doctors at Baylor didn't waste anytime. You had an evaluation with Dr. Carlile today, she is the head of the TBI unit. She gave you the botox today. She told mom that when she was giving you the injections you were pinching her. She told you to let go and you did. She told mom "he's in there". That's huge coming from the head doctor. You showed off to the right person!! You were given botox in your arms at the elbow, hands, fingers, wrist and mom thinks the shoulders. Dr. Carlile said that there is a maximum adult dosage that they can give patients every three months and they used the maximum with you. Dr. Carlile told mom that botox doesn't really help in the legs in adult patients so that's where the baclafen pump will come into play. Your scheduled for the baclofen trial Monday morning. Apparently it will show them all they need to know with the one trial and it only lasts about 8 hours. You'll be the same when it wears off. Mom said that the botox shots were very painful for you and you were sweating and groaning afterwards. She said it was like you were crying but without the tears. It breaks my heart! The good thing is, you won't remember it...the bad thing is, we will. Diana came by to visit after work, she was able to talk with the caseworker and doctor with mom. Her and dad are closing on their house tomorrow. I haven't seen it in person yet, just pictures but it's real pretty. Well, I am planning on seeing you tomorrow. I made you a quilt and I'm anxious to give it to you. It's made from scraps of material I got from Granny on one of our trips to California. I tried to pick guy colors... It's not as unique as the quilts you make but I think you'll like it. I used the material that baby receiving blankets are made out of instead of batting so it would be as thin as I could get it. Mom thought a traditional quilt would be too usually only have a sheet on. I thought you might like something a little more homey. Anyway, I'll see you in the morning. Love you!! Xo Jen

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