Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1, 2009


I spoke to mom this morning on my way to see you. Mickey took off work today and planned on spending some time with you during therapy. I called to tell mom that and she said that she had heard from Baylor. The doctors at Baylor said yes, they would accept you. Baylor said yes, they would accept you. Insurance said no! WHAT?? They would rather put you in skilled nursing and tote you back and forth by ambulance at $1,000 a pop rather then put you where the surgery can be done and then put you in skilled nursing. That just totally doesn't make sense and it doesn't seem like they are putting the patient (you) first. Well, Mom is waiting to hear from the appeals and denial of your insurance. She is protesting it! Go mom!

****Specific Prayer****

Pray that Johnny gets approved to go to Baylor Rehab, stays infection free, is able to get and tolerate the pump and that the botox works like it's suppose to. Pray that the insurance company puts some heart into their work and puts Johnny first...above the bottom line!

In the mean time, Mom is looking into a skilled nursing facility that takes trachs but also has rehab therapy. We definitely don't want another Manor Care and that's going to be one of her arguments...if you had stayed in that place any longer, we are sure you would not have survived it! They did not know how to care for you! Praise God you got out when you did because you have improved 100%!!

When Mickey and I got to your room, you did not look like you felt good. I straightened you up in the bed, cleaned your face, hands and mouth. I rubbed lotion on your feet. You so owe me! By the time Jerry got there to do therapy, you seemed more alert and ready to work. Jerry put you in the chair and had you shave a little and brush your teeth. You did really good. He worked on stretching you out. Jerry also had you stand for about two minutes and he stretched your back out. You didn't seem to mind it. Mickey and I had to leave right after your therapy, we headed to AAC (American Airlines Center) we met with Leroy to get your stuff. I got to talk to Susie. She's really missing you. She speaks so highly of you Johnny. You've got a lot of good people that work there that call you friend! I can't wait for you to realize! I also met Scott. He's a really nice guy!

Mom called me just a little while ago...around 5:30ish. She's visiting you. I think she was mad that I didn't tell her of the change they made to you but honestly, they made it after I left because I didn't know anything about it! She was crying, I know, I know...hard to believe! Ha! Sorry mom! I am kidding! She said that they had a red cap on your trach. You had no oxygen hooked up to it and you were breathing at 100%....ON YOUR OWN!!! Did you get still had the trach but it is capped off...your breathing on your own oxygen and your doing it 100%! AWESOME!!! The Respiratory guy told mom that you would be TRACH FREE by the weekend! Mom said that you were raising up your head and looking around. She said that you were fully awake. I guess your feeling better! PRAISE GOD!!!

You will have a whole array of skilled nursing facilities to choose from if you don't have a trach. That's such a relief! We still need you to go to Baylor first to get the botox and pump and then to skilled nursing. That's still what we are praying for!!
Love you Johnny!! XO Jen

You seem more alert

Jerry working on head control

You shaving

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  1. All I can say is WOW! Johnny I am so happy for you, and I hope you know how much you do owe Jennifer. She rubbed your feet. ug!! Ive seen those feet....just kidding. love you!