Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17, 2009


You had a shower today and a good shampoo. Your hair needs to be cut, mom said she'd do that next shower times. Your doctor came in and made the motion to shake hands and you shook his hand. He was impressed! Your nurse took your temperature with an under the tongue thermometer...she said, Johnny open your mouth and you did. She put the thermometer in and said Johnny close your mouth and you did. Ha! That's great! Your temp was 98.0 - that's really good!

Jackie, Cody, Bailey and I were at Cody's soccer game this afternoon. Cody had been pulled out and was sitting with us when mom called. She said that she put her phone on ring tones and handed it to you and you were pushing buttons and putting the phone to your ear. So, she dialed my phone and gave it to you. I said, Hi johnny. and you said hiiii. I said, hey bud and you said heeey. I said I love you and you said I la yu. Oh my heart! You talked to Cody a minute and Bailey too and then I put Jackie on the phone. You told her Hi and La lu and then you rambled on about something that we couldn't understand but clearly you had something to say!

We are scheduled to have a family conference Wednesday at 12:30 - 1:30...all your doctors and therapists will be there to answer questions and the next day, they will have a written report for the family in your file about what was said in the meeting. This place is on top of things!

I'm so proud of your progress Johnny and I'm thrilled that your fever is gone. I'm praying that your able to participate in the trial. Love you!! xo Jen

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