Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009


Valerie visited with you at Texas Specialty before you left for Baylor...here's her message to you:
Hey Johnny,
I finally came to see you today! You are in a deep sleep. I tried (quietly) to wake you up but your too busy dreaming! I just asked your therapist if they would be working with you this morning...and...Hey are! I get to watch you in action and not just read about it! Well, you had therapy! You were so tired but you did tell me "hi" and you pointed to the turtle for me. Nancy came in and said Baylor is picking you up at 1:00pm today! She is so excited for you to go to this facility. I love you! Valerie

You are settling in to your new place. Mom said that the doctor came by and gave you an evaluation. You responded by raising fingers to her questions. Mom said that your new facility is "awesome". I can't wait to check things out!!

THIS IS BIG!!! You were weighed during your evaluation and they did it three times...your weight is 111 lbs....not 90.8!!! Mom said that Texas Specialty's scales must not have been calibrated. That's some pretty great news!

You had your first shower in four months today. Mom said that you must have really enjoyed it because you were smiling. They also changed out your trach, this new one causes you to have less secretions.

Have a good night little brother! xo Jen

Goodbye note from Julie...
I am going to miss working with Johnny and you two as well! Best wishes for a full & speedy recovery!
Julie Anne
Speech Pathology

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