Monday, October 26, 2009

October 23, 2009


Cindy, your NP therapist, said that you did well at your am session with her. She said that you knew the date and year. You followed her around the room with your eyes and you noticed other people that were in the room as well.

Julia, your OT, recasted your left arm 10% more. She said that you didn't register any pain when she recasted you. She also told mom that insurance denied the braces she was ordering for you for your arms. She went to battle for you though. She said if they deny the claim again, she's got a back up plan to make some braces herself. She will recast you again Monday.

You had a CT scan and it showed a little encephalitis caused by the shearing of the nerve ends in your brain. They said that encephalitis can cause spasticity...which you definitely have. They need to compare these CT scans to the previous CT scans to see if there has been change or if it's the same. We know how long that takes...huh!

Mom said your trying so hard to talk but it's difficult to understand you.

The case worker from Texas Specialty is suppose to come and evaluate you. They are going to try hard to get the insurance to approve you going back to them for 4 weeks while we wait on the pump to arrive. Mom said Diana keeps trying to figure out how to get it sooner.

You talked to Jackie on the phone this afternoon. You told her hi and that you love her.

Your suppose to have your catheter taken out tonight. This will help with UTI's.
You have a 10am appointment with an opthomologist...I can not wait to hear what he says!! Mom said that after the appointment they will move where? That's up in the air! We have a back up plan if TX Specialty falls through.

You could possibly have foot surgery on Monday as well....we'll see.

Love you!! xo Jen

Hi Jennifer,

Great pictures of Johnny. He looks like he is resting.
Sounds like progress is coming along. I know it is not as
quick as all of us would like but progress still the same.
I know I have told you a few times how proud I am of you,
your mother and the whole family out there but I am amazed
on how well you all are holding up, it is important for Johnny.
I Love you Jennifer, give everyone my Love and tell them I am
Praying for all of you.

Your Cousin,


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