Monday, October 26, 2009

October 24, 2009

***Enjoy the LITTLE things. One day you may look back and realize...they were the BIG things!!!


Jackie and I came to visit you. You seemed so tired. The nurse had the TV on and it was on some elevator music so I asked you if you wanted to watch something different. You gave me a thumbs up. I told you to give me a thumbs up if you saw something you wanted to watch. When I got to scooby-doo, you gave me a thumbs up. I don't know if you did that for yourself or more for Jackie who was standing next to you. You and Jackie watched scooby-doo for a while until you became tired and closed your eyes. We turned the TV off after that.

I brought you a stick with a hand on the end of it, it's pointing. I thought you would like to use that until you had more range of motion with your arms. We asked you yes or no questions and you pointed to yes or no with the pointer stick. Then you would point to my nose, ear, mouth, etc...I think you were trying to irritate me! Ha!

I have a friend who's Dad is in the ICU across the street so we took a break to go over there and visit and then we brought Cooper, her son, back with us. We took a break because Jackie got a glimpse of your side and it broke her heart, she couldn't stop crying. She said that you've gotten so skinny. She's right, but I'm used to it...she's not. When we came back with Cooper, I said Johnny this is Cooper and you said, Hiiii Cooooper. It was so sweet! Cooper said, hi his shy voice.

We didn't stay long the second visit, I didn't want them to run us out for not following the age rule but Cooper and I did step out and give you and Jackie some time. She had her face inches from yours and was talking to you...that's the first time she's done that and I didn't want to rush her.

Love you Johnny!!! xo Jen

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