Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 15, 2009


You are on antibiotics again, a urinary tract infection this time. When Cody and I came in to see you this morning, the nurse ushered us out because they were changing out your catheter. You were not liking it and you liked it even less when I had to put your glove back on you before we left. We took a tour around your new place...visited the library where I got a book on brain trauma and then headed back up to see you. They weren't finished but I decided I wasn't leaving, I've already seen all there is to see and you seemed more relaxed when I was holding your hand and talking to you. Johnny, it is so hard to see you so vulnerable. I'm praying along with everyone else that your infection clears up soon!

I met your physical therapist Craig today. He is a very nice man. He didn't have much time left to do you physical therapy because of the amount of time the catheter change took so he put you in this reclining type wheel chair and told Cody and I that we could wheel you around the third floor all we wanted. Well, I was a little intimidated by that but I did feel comfortable enough to take you down the hall to the window that overlooked the parking lot. It's really not a great view but the sun was shining and it's not been doing that in a while and it sure beats looking at your hospital rooms four walls. I put you in front of it and it didn't take much coaxing to get you to look outside. It broke my heart Johnny, I swear I heard you crying. I read that with the brain injury it is hard to show emotions so it sounded like crying but there were no tears. Cody said he thought the same thing. We were just about to take you back to the room when your respiratory doctor came looking for you. It was time for you appointment with him. He got you all hooked up to your treatment and then said he would be back in a few minutes. Cody and I got you all comfy and then we said our goodbyes. I have a friend whose Dad is in the hospital next door so we went across to see them and when we got back your treatment was done. We talked to mom who said she was on her way and since I had to go pick up Cooper from school, we said our goodbyes again and put your music on for you and left. I don't think you feel very good and it was really hard to leave you.

Mom said that while she was there, you had a bath and really seemed to like it. She said that she worked with you trying to get you to use your "o" and "e". You also had an appointment with your neuropsychology therapist...I'm sure I spelt that wrong...they use NT for that word. This therapist works with you on day, week, month and year. Mom said that you also had a chest x-ray and it was over in the other building. They took you down the bowels of the building (that's what mom said) ...that's basement for those that aren't strange like my mother. You were sleeping compatibly when mom left you.

Love you Johnny!! xo Jen

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