Friday, October 9, 2009

October 8, 2009


Well, it's the waiting game....
Baylor is waiting on Bluecross Blueshield to make a decision. We were told that Baylor is going to accept you as a patient but we need to make sure that BCBS is okay with that. Makes us want to scream!!

Mom heard from Village at Richardson, it's another skilled nursing facility that we looked at as an option. They said no. They aren't staffed to care for a patient with a trach. As soon as you get that trach out, all kinds of options will open up for you : )

Here's what you did in therapy:

Jerry put you on the mat and with his help, you rolled side to side. Jerry said he could feel you trying to help.

You said: ough and goo mar

You were asked if you wanted to brush your teeth and you reached for the toothbrush and brushed your teeth.

took ice chips and rolled them around in your mouth...I bet that felt good!

Jerry was really working your legs on the mat and told you to shake a stick that makes noise if you wanted him to stop and you shook that stick loud.

You worked with the peg board. Tried to point to yes and no in response to questions.

When mom left you, you were exhausted and having a breathing treatment....through your mouth, not the trach!!!

Way to go Johnny!!

xo Jen

From Christy:
Johnny, I came to see you today. Didn't stay long because you were really tired. I was over this way and wanted to tell you how proud we are of you. Our entire family sends their love. I haven't been to see you because I got sick. Doctor says I'm fine now and could see you so I came by. Continue to make this progress and keep surprising us all. Most of all keep that motivation you have inside of you. We love you. Love Christy.

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