Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 20, 2009


**When the most terrible thing that can happen already has, the most simple things become the things we celebrate**

I got to your room at 9:30am this morning. You were in the middle of speech therapy and I was able to watch that. You were doing really good and responding to commands. At 10am the wheelchair came for you to take you to NP therapy (days, weeks, months, year therapy). There was another patient in your therapy session today, her name is Sara. You answered the questions accurately. You knew you were in Baylor, you knew you were in Dallas, you knew it was 2009. The only thing you were stumped on was that it was October. I am very proud of you!! At 10:30am Craig, your physical therapist, came for you. He worked with your legs a bit. During this time, mom came in. at 11am your speech girls came after you again and took you to there office where they worked on swallow control. You did super! And then at 11:30 Chris with OT, occupational therapy, came and took you to the therapy room and worked with your arms. He moved both of them every which way and you did really good. Mom and I feel like maybe it's all loose from the day before. Mickey came during this therapy time and stayed for about 30 minutes. He had to get back to work. He was really impressed when you shook his hand. He's been really worried about you Johnny, I think that's what he needed to see. Right after Mickey left, Buddy showed up. He got to see you work with Chris and then your NP therapist came after you. It was around noon. She took you outside and you really seemed to enjoy that. She had you make a fist for yes and an open hand for no, then she asked you a series of questions. You did so good, it was so exciting to see!! We took you upstairs after that, you had until 2:30pm to rest before they came after you again. Your respiratory doctor was there and gave you a breathing treatment and then we got you in bed and all tucked in. I had to leave by then and mom went to get something to eat. You were very relaxed...wore out really! See pictures below of therapy today:

Johnny sporting his new cast. Not sure what the face is about. Isn't he handsome in his new shirt?

Your having therapy with Chris your occupational therapist

Your saying hello to Mickey

Your telling Chris to stop it!!!

Your outside with Buddy, Mom, Jen and your NP therapist...just talking and enjoying the weather.

Your answering no to a question

You are listening intently

Your NP showing you a timeline of what has happened since your accident. When you were asked if you were in a car accident or a motorcycle accident, you said motorcycle.

Your finally in bed

...and he sleeps...

Mom was showing you pictures on your electric picture frame. Every time Jackie's picture would come up, you would say Ja E. When your picture came up, you would say "me". You said Mi E when Mickey's picture came up. Mom said that you tried to say Jennifer but couldn't quite get it.

Mom asked you where do you hurt two times and both times you pointed to your jaw. Your right jaw is swollen...she's getting a doctor to look at it.

Mom said that maintenance came into your room and changed out your TV, it's not been working. You watched them like you were very interested in what they were doing. Mom said that you were probably thinking they were doing it wrong! Ha!

Mom said that you were saying momma, momma, momma...she realized that she was out of your sight and you were trying to get her attention. That's so sweet!

I'm proud of you Johnny! xo Jen

Here's an email from your cousin Leroy:

Hi Jennifer,

I read the blog today. I am sooooo excited about the progress Johnny is making.
You all are making a big difference in his recovery. Talk about Faith, Hope and of course Love.
I am proud to have all of you as family. Please, tell Johnny I said Hello , I love him and keep getting better.

Love You Jennifer


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