Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 3, 2009

From mom:
You are having a breathing treatment through your mouth rather than your trach. You are doing well. Your trach has been capped off for 26 hours! No lungDoctor yet to remove trach. Here's the plan:

Thurs 10/8 Go to UT Southwest for Baclofen trial with Dr. Brian Bruel.
Spend the night for observation.
Note: after the meds wear off for the trial the spasticity will'll go
back to the way you were.
Friday 10/9 to a skilled nursing facility...yet to be determined.
Tuesday 10/13 scheduled for surgery at UT Southwest for baclofen pump at 2pm
Wednesday 10/14 hopefully he sill go into UT Southwest Rehab with Dr. Benjamin Nguyen, if not, back to skilled nursing.

Buddy, Tammy and their kids came by. You gave Buddy high fives, shook hands, threw the ball and told him bye when he left. I'd say you had a pretty good visit.

Jackie called mom while she was in your room and mom put the phone up to your ear. Jackie said hi and you said hi back. WOW!! That really made her day!

Psalm 98:6
With trumpets and sound of cornet make a joyful noise before the Lord, the King.

Love you Johnny!! XO Jen

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  1. Hey Johnny. Im so glad your still doing so good. Im very proud of you.
    I dont really want to give you the outcome of the first Anaheim game, but I told you I would. They got beat by San Jose 4-1. It was horrible. They looked like they had never played a hockey game together in their lives. Okay well i love you and keep up the good work.