Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22, 2009


Cody and I came to see you this morning. You were all ready for physical therapy and waiting for Craig to get there. I asked you if you wanted ice chips or a pen and paper and you said write. You tried really hard to make a circle.

I started giving you ice chips when you got frustrated with writing. You swallowed real good between each one. Craig came to get you for PT and Cody and I were able to go along to help. Craig is so patient to explain everything he's doing and why. He put you on the tilt board and you tolerated it very well! Their tilt board is electronic.

This is Cody and Craig getting the tilt board ready for you.

Your at 35 degree angle, you tolerated it so well that Craig bumped it up.

Your at a 45 degree angle here and you stayed in this position for about 5 minutes or so. You did really kept feeling the straps that held you in. I think you were just curious because they weren't tight at all.

When Craig was done with you, Carrie in Speech came looking for you. She gave you ice chips and worked on swallowing, you did super! Then she worked on opposites with you. She said boy - you said girl. She said bacon - you said egg. She said up - you said down. She said left - you said right. She said cat - you said bandit. WHAT? (Cody and I start to laugh) She said cat (again) - you said bandit (again) Cody and I laughed (again). Carrie looks at us with a puzzled look and we say, bandit is the name of your dog. That's pretty smart Johnny! Mom came in during speech therapy and when you saw her you said hi mom. It's so sweet when you look at mom, you can tell you love her. Carrie gave you really thick apple juice and you swallowed it really good. She gave you two spoonfuls and when she asked you if you wanted more, you said no. Carrie asked you what your name is and you said Johnny Holub, the best you could but you could definitely tell what you were saying. She asked you to count to five and you said onetwothreefourfive all in one breath and so fast it made us all laugh. Then she asked you to say 1-10 and you said onetwothreefourfiveblahblahblahblahten...the blah's I couldn't make out but I'm sure it was 6-9! Because your smart like that!

Chris came for you after speech, it was time for your occupational therapy. He worked your arms, hands and head. You do not like it when he messes with your fingers on the left hand. You kept trying to pinch at him. Cody ended up holding your right hand while he worked on your left. But, you had revenge in your heart and when Chris switched hands and started working on your right arm up high, you took your fingers and pinched him under the arm...your evil plot worked. That man let out a yelp and then his face looked just like the faces he makes you make...ha! You are doing really good though, your always a little more loose when you leave from seeing him. Loose and tired! After we left Chris, we were put in the transport line. That's where patients in wheelchairs line up for workers to come get them and take them back to their rooms. We could have taken you our selves and have on several occasions but, they said that the workers would help put you in bed so we didn't argue, we waited. While we were waiting, conversation turned to your hair and how your in need of a haircut. Mom said she was going to cut it or maybe let it grow some and just trim it but Cody suggested a Mohawk. You didn't have an opinion and my thinking is, you better get an opinion or else you'll be sporting a Mohawk...just because it would be really funny!

When we got back to your room, Mr. don't talk to the family because I'm too busy cutting up with my friends worker man helped get you in bed and then left. We got you all situated for your long snooze before your swallow test at 2:00 and in comes respiratory. It was time for your breathing treatment. You have breathing treatments four times a day. It must be working, you sound really clear...not raspy like before.

After your breathing treatment, you were ready for bed. Cody and I left so you could get some sleep. We sure did enjoy our visit with you today!!

Mom said that they did the swallow's what they found:
You do really well with thick stuff and liquid stuff tends to go the wrong way.

She said that they were going to try some food next week. Bless mom's heart, she said, if he's still here. Your only approved through Tues. the makes it hard to plan.

They x-rayed your jaw where you have been pointing to the pain. We will find out tomorrow what's going on with that.

Julia took off your cast. She's going to let your arm rest tonight and do the recasting tomorrow morning. Mom said that it seemed to work because your not drawing that arm up to your neck.

While mom was giving me an update on the phone, Diana came in to visit with you.

Mom called back at 4pm so you could talk to Jackie after school. Jackie had you on speaker phone. She said, hi daddy. You said hey Jax. She said, I love you and you said I la yu. She said bye daddy. You said bye Ja E. I know you miss her Johnny and it's got to be really hard to be away from her. I want you to know that she's really doing well. I don't want you to worry about her if you can help it.

Love you so much! xo Jen

Hi Nancy and Jennifer!

I am glad to see a good time was had at the Miley Cyrus concert. Thanks for the “shout out” on the blog!

I have been running around with the Walking with Dinosaurs show I keep forgetting to email, but I have an autographed poster by Miley (it is actually for the show in Oklahoma, but it is autographed by her) I got from the show for Jackie. They actually heard me talking about Johnny to one of our guest service staff that asked about him and thought how great it was she was doing so well in school, etc… they gave me the poster for her.

Let me know the best way to get it to you all. Please tell Johnny hi for me! We are thinking of him!

Stephanie Myers

Hi Jennifer, It's Melinda, Johnny's friend from the AAC, I met you at Parkland before your trip to Florida, way back when the accident first happened, I took Jack in The Box. I've been keeping up with his progress thru the Blog. I'm so glad he's doing well. I do apologize that I haven't been able to go see him. The last time was when he was on Westmorland and Keist. Well if all possible and if he's taking visitors I'd like to go and see him but I'd want to make sure it was ok first, if so I'd like to go before the 27th so I can be sure that I can find him and Need the correct info it possible. If not I completely understand and I will keep up thru the Blog. He looks amazing and seems to be doing a really wonderful job. I'll keep you guys in my prayers, and keep me posted about the visit. you can email me at work which is easier for me to get the info at again thank you.


  1. Johnny,

    You are amazing. I wanted to have faith you would wake up but it was so hard. We miss you terribly at work. The Walking with Dinosaurs is here right now. The Stars are doing okay but, the games are not the same without you.

    We all Love and Miss You,

  2. Hey Johnny, your doing so good. I finally called your room today. I talked to Robert and he said you were playing with your pointing toy. I dont have any hockey updates for you. Sorry, I decided Im not gonna watch anymore hockey until your better. I cant wait to be able to talk to you. I miss you. Keep up the good work and love you bunches.