Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 9, 2009


Mom said she hasn't heard from the insurance company regarding your move. Sure hope we hear something soon. Mom said you did real good today. You ate good and did your exercise. You complained a lot but you did them. Not like she was going to give you a choice though, ha!

I got an email from Aunt Von:
Dearest Jennifer and Jackie and Johnny,

I should be horse-whipped for not writing sooner and I do not have a good excuse, just old age and laziness.

Especially since you, Jennifer, go to all of the trouble of writing the blog and keeping it current so that we might know hundreds of miles away what is happening to Johnny and even the rest of the family.
Thank you so very much for all of your time and effort that goes into it. Thank you is just so insignificant.

Johnny you have a very special sister and a special daughter and also a special Mom that has fought every step of the way for you.

Hey, Jackie those were great grades. Keep up the good work. I am sure your Dad is very proud of you.. Next time you see him give him a big hug from me and his Uncle Don.

Johnny your Uncle Don said to tell you to hurry out of that bed and he will take you fishing like when you were little. Should be a farm pond around somewhere that you know about....Isn't there?

Jennifer tell Johnny we are praying for him each and everyday. I know God has been answering some of our prayers as we can continue to see improvement each day. We just get a mite impatient. All in God's time.

Take care and Love to all of you!
Love and Prayers.....
Aunt Von and Uncle Don

You sure have a lot of fans in your corner! I can't wait for you to read your blog someday!

Love you!! xo Jen

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