Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 25, 2009



It's Christmas morning and I think we all feel your absence. Jackie and Cody woke up and we opened gifts. You got Jackie a beautiful silver heart necklace that she can put a picture of the both of you in. She really loved it! You also got her another necklace that says I Love You on it. You got her some clothes and shoes and "girl stuff". She had a great Christmas Johnny....but, you were missed : (

After Christmas lunch, mom, Jackie and I headed to the hospital to see you. You opened the gifts we got you with Jackie's help. You seem very sleepy...lethargic. We think it's because they have the cuff on your trach inflated. Your unable to talk or even breath out of your mouth. I think it must make you tired.

Dad and Diana came to see you early this morning and Dad said that they had a good visit. Diana brought you some presents, a pair of sleep pants and some really nice soft socks.

Jessica's church made you a prayer quilt and when we got there, you were using it.

Buddy and his son came up to see you while Dad and Diana were there. You had a lot of visitors today, it's no wonder you were sleepy when we got there.

Take Care Johnny! Love you!! xo Jen

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