Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 14, 2009


Well, mom finally heard from Baylor and they said no on an early arrival for you. They don't want to send up any red flags for the insurance company. I could scream but it doesn't effect you in anyway so it'll be alright! We were just trying to not have to pay out of pocket to the skilled nursing facility because your coverage for that particular facility has been maxed.

Mom said you did really good today. Tried new food...did your exercises...

I love you! xo Jen

email from Christy:
I just wanted to tell you and Mickey congratulations. I can still remember running into you after I had Kelsie and you telling me that y'all were trying to have a baby. That seems like a lifetime ago, it is wonderful that God's miracles work when we are so focused on other things in our lives. It is a blessing and we are so happy for your family. I know Johnny is excited as he loves children so much. I have been following the blog so closely. I have been interviewing for jobs in the morning, keeping kids in the afternoon to supplement my income and remodeling our house at night. I will be out see Johnny as soon as I am done with my hardwood floors that I am laying. I have to hurry with that as I pulled up all my carpet. Hopefully that will be no later than the end of this week. Please tell him that we love him and continue to pray for his progress that he is making, we are so very proud of him. Let Jackie know that she is doing a great job adjusting and by her grades she is handling everything so well. So proud of her. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Christy & Kelsie

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