Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009


I came into your room this morning and you were sleeping. I woke you up and said hi and you said hi and then went back to sleep. I turned on some Christmas music and sat down next to your bed. The lady came in to do an EKG on you. You did not like her putting the cold probes on you but, you did good. While she was doing the test, Dr. Probies nurse came in and we discussed your bottom and your incision on your tummy. She said she's going to order some antibiotic ointment for those areas. She told me that mom and I are doing a good job with you. It felt good for her to say that but honestly, we wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

Mickey and I went Christmas shopping for Cody tonight. He wants a 22 hand gun. I just can't wrap my mind around that. Why? What on earth does he need that for? Mickey says it's to shoot at stuff at the deer lease. Okay, I know he's been taught gun safety but I'm still not okay with it. I know if you could, you'd tell me your opinion and I wouldn't like it at all so I'm going to tell myself your on my side about this and you don't think it's a good idea either! Thanks bud...that was some good hashing it out!

Love you!! xo Jen

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