Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1, 2009



My most favorite time of the year!! I am so grateful your more aware of what's going on and your starting to progress! God has surely blessed us with so many miracles this year! I look forward to sitting down with you one day soon and reading over your blog with you. You have come so far!

I came to visit this morning. When I got there, you were very tired. You slept in your bed and I slept in your chair. I'd open my eyes and look at you and you would be looking at me. I would blow you a kiss and you would blow one back. I love the sweet side of you but I would love just once to hear you say...Mom, she's looking at me! It broke my heart to leave you, you seemed like you didn't feel good or something. But, it was raining and I had to get back to Midlothian to pick up Cooper from MDO.

Mom came up as soon as I left, to see you. She said that they had you sitting in a chair today. That's great! You've been in the bed since your surgery and I know how you like to be in the chair. Mom said that you were spelling with your letters and you spelled "how do I eat" So, she explained to you how you are getting your food. Then she said you spelled I ____ Jennifer but she couldn't make out the middle word. She said a little bit later you spelled my name again. I'm so thankful that you remember me!

You have no fever and you are no longer taking antibiotics. Mom said you have an ambulance scheduled to pick you up on Thursday for you Achilles tendon appointment. I'll be praying that the appointment works out in your favor!

Love you!! xo Jen

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