Monday, December 14, 2009

December 11, 2009


Well Mom gave you a work out today. She worked your arms and legs, and you didn't like it much at all! She had the aids help her put you in your chair and took you up to the therapy room. No one was there but she was still able to work with you. You pushed beads around on the metal wires...this works your arms and your brain. You have to lift your arms up to move the beads along the wires and you did really good with that. Mom gave you some checkers, the red and black large ones and told you to stack them. That's all the instruction she gave you. You stacked those checkers red, black, red, black...then you got to where you needed a red and you had two blacks real close and a red a little further back. She said she watched you as you reached as far as you could and got that red and put it next on the stack. It's amazing that you decided you wanted to do a pattern and that's what you did! Mom took you down to the dining room to feed you today and there was a piano player and a little girl singing. You enjoyed that. Mom said that you ate really good and she even gave you a half a peanut butter cracker. She said you pushed it over to your teeth so you could chew it. You also crunched on ice which we forget to do with you but it really works your chewing motion.

Mom said that she set up your table with your magnetic letters on them and that you spelled "it's behind me" she asked you what's behind you and you spelt "my behind".
When she got you back to the room and checked things out on your behind, she saw that you have a pretty bad wound. It must have been hurting with all the sitting you were doing in your chair. Mom said that she made a sign for the nurses and aids to keep you off your bottom and either on your left or right side. I can't wait until you can use your voice. I hate to think that your in pain because we don't understand when you try to communicate with us.

Love you!! xo Jen

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