Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 4, 2009


I went Christmas shopping today and you weren't very far from my mind. It just doesn't seem right with you being in the hospital. I would love to put a tree up in your room but, I'm not sure how long your going to be there. I'm not sure if your even aware of what month it is, you seem so happy with the things we all take for granted, like eating. That's your favorite thing right now. I guess I'm feeling a little down...I'm going to come see you tomorrow and bring Jackie. She's doing really good. I've been meaning to post her grades:

Science - 91
Math - 90
Reading/ Language arts - 100
JV Treble Choir - 98
Coed Tennis - 99
Social Studies - 95

All A's again! We are so proud of her Johnny and I know you are too!! One of her teachers commented that She has shown improvement, has a positive attitude toward learning and readily contributes to class discussion. Again, very proud of her!!

Cody graduated his EMT class. He is registered for and waiting to take his National Registry test for EMT. He's scheduled to take a paramedic's class in January. You would really be proud of him Johnny and the stories he tells about what he's seen...he's so grown up!

See you tomorrow! Love you!! xo Jen

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