Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 8, 2009


I had a GREAT visit with you today!

When I got there, you were awake and chewing on your glove. I took it off and asked you what you wanted or needed. I gave you your magnets but you just pushed them around. I asked you if you wanted to eat and you said yes. I said what do you want to eat and you said pudding. So, you got pudding! You chose chocolate pudding. I also gave you some ham. You ate most of the ham and about half the pudding. I gave you a box of Kleenex and showed you how to pull it out of the box and you did really well with that. I would give you a bite and then you would wipe your mouth with the Kleenex. I had you swallow twice in between bites and we also would practise your vowels between bites. When I suctioned you, there was nothing there! Yeah!!

When you were done eating, I shaved you. You kept your eyes closed the whole time but when I was done, I asked you to feel your face and tell me if I missed a spot. You lifted your hand up to your chin and felt your face. I wanted to cry! I love when it's clear that you understand me!

When I was finished shaving you, I moved your bed from the wall so I could get behind your head to shampoo you. I think they must be using something that doesn't wash out on your hair because it looks clean but feels ... well, not so clean. Anyway, I shampooed your hair and spent extra time massaging your head and you just moaned and then took a breath and moaned and took a breath. I think you were really enjoying it.

Next, I wiped your face real good with a warm rag and cleaned your ears - which you hate and your teeth - which you love. I got you all lotioned up and you were out! Sound asleep!

While you were sleeping, your Doctor's nurse came in to visit and she said that you have a UTI. Bummer! I said, no, that's not convenient! You are due to have surgery on the 23rd and it can't be done if you have an infection! I really wanted to scream! She said that she would order you some antibiotics to be used right away and for the next 10-14 days. She said that they would wait to do the pre surgery evaluation and blood work until it's closer to the date of surgery so that hopefully the infection will be gone. She said that in a few days you will be feeling better.
That's when it hit me, you haven't been very've been lethargic...must have been the infection. I really wish you had a way to let us know, we don't always know what to look for.

Your coughing has been very minimal during my visit. I ran out of time and couldn't do your exercises, but I told Diana and she said she would do them for me.

I had such a great visit with you Johnny, listening to Christmas's so peaceful in your room. I was thankful you were sleeping when I left, it always makes me sad to leave when your looking at me.

Love you so much little brother!! xo Jen

P.S. Our secret:

Right before Mickey and I were married, we discovered we were pregnant...with Cody. The doctor said that he was a true miracle because I don't ovulate and pregnancy for me was next to impossible. Well, right after Cody was born, Mickey and I started trying to conceive again. It went on like that for about 10 years or so with us trying fertility drugs, artificial insemination, and all the humiliating tests etc. along the way. We prayed that the Lord would bless us with another child. At some point, we decided that we were content in waiting patiently for our grandchildren. Until....I recently went to the doctor because my lower back on the right side hurt constantly and I had some other female issues I won't bore you with. The doctor sent me for a sonogram and during the procedure, the technician sounded like she saw something. I asked her if she found something. She said yes. I said well, what are you looking at? She said, well, right now I'm looking at a heartbeat. That's right! At 40 (me) and 44 (Mickey) with an 18 year old son, we are starting over. We're pregnant. Our God has a sense of humor!! He has truly blessed us and continues to bless us. The truth is, we prayed for a baby (when we wanted it) we stopped asking (when our time limit was reached)...what we failed to remember, it's God's time! All in His timing! Mickey and I could not be happier! That is, after Mickey got over the fact that his retirement date was kicked back by years! Ha!

Johnny found out right after we did and that's when he kept writing my name. Mom said that for days I was on his mind. When I spend time with him now, I'll ask him where's my baby and he'll point to my tummy.

This pregnancy is a blessing but it does come with some age being one of them along with some female "stuff". The baby is due in July.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to pray for Johnny and our family and thank you for sharing in our most recent miracle. God continues to bless!!!

Much love~ Jen

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