Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 28, 2009


Mom came in to find both your legs in casts up to your knees. Only your toes were peeking out at the bottom. It was a little upsetting for her to find you that way, not knowing that they were going to do that. But, it didn't seem to both you at all. Mom and I both signed your cast.

I came by with my friend Jennifer and her son Cooper. Jennifer's dad is at the same place you are only he's on the 4th floor. We visited for a couple of hours, me with you and her with her dad....that didn't sound like the proper grammar...oh well. You seemed very tired, your cuff is still inflated on your trach which prevents you from talking. I'm sure that wears you out because you keep trying to breath through your mouth but are unable to. You look pretty comfortable considering you have both legs in casts.

The weather is suppose to be bad tomorrow, if I drive in it, I'll come see you...if not, I'm glad I saw you today.

We held hands and watched TV for a long time, you were in and out of sleep. When I left, you were dozing.

Love you!! xo Jen

Johnny's Room Update:
Lumber was delivered today...the foundation post things were done a few days ago so the framing is about to get started on your new area. It's so exciting!!! Your almost home : )

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