Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 22, 2009


Well, tomorrow is your big day. I came to visit you today and even before I walked in I could hear you moaning from the hallway. I'm not sure what you had to say but when I came in you stopped. I said my hellos and then I asked you if you wanted to eat. You said "eat". So, I fed you some blueberry with apples and some Dr. Pepper. You did really good with the food and ate it pretty quick but you kept spitting out the coke. I tried several times but gave up. Next we worked on exercising your arms and legs. You complained the whole time! I have to say it was a real issue for me to lean over the bed and although you got a good work out, I'm not sure it was as thorough as mom gives you. It wore us both out! You fell asleep pretty quick afterwards. I started packing up your room...I didn't want mom to have to do it by herself. I know I interrupted your sleeping because you kept opening your eyes to see what I was doing. It took me 5 trips to the car to carry all your stuff out. Now tell me, how does one person collect so much stuff? When I finally got everything loaded, I had to rest so I read to you the Christmas cards that Aunt Donna and Leroy sent you. You were so sweet, Aunt Donna's card played music and I read you the card and we played the music and then you took the card up to your lips and kissed it. I had my camera so I asked you to do it again so I could take a picture and you did. When I read Leroy's to you, you held it and stared at it and then gave it a kiss too. I love how sweet you are! Well, get some have a big day tomorrow.

Love you!! xo Jen

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