Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 30, 2009


It was standing room only today in your room....Mom, Dad, Diana, and I. We all showed up to be apart of your assessment meeting.

Results of the meeting:
Dr. Thomas came yesterday and upped your baclofen pump. Said your calf incisions look beautiful. Will be adjusting level again tomorrow.

Kristina - Speech therapist:
Said you pointed to Dallas in response to where you were and you knew the year. She said you seemed more alert yesterday compared to the first two days she saw you. Today you are very sleepy. She is waiting to see your potential.

Dr. Chock -
I don't even want to put his report in here because frankly he doesn't know what he's talking about. That's my opinion! He visited with you for about 10 minutes today after you were given 10mg of hydrocodone and slept for several hours. You would wake up when your name was called but would go right back to sleep. He put you at a Rancho 3....idiot! You were a Rancho 3 when you were in the coma. He did agree to reevaluate you later today.

Craig - Physical therapist:
Going to leave casts on until Monday. He said you have no stretch in standing with cast but need to get used to standing. His main goal for you is to get you to 80%-85% on the tilt board. Right now you are at 60%. Once you master this goal, you will attempt sitting to standing. You still have soft tissue contractor that he's having to deal with.

Julia - Occupational/Physical therapist:
Main focus : Hands
She will be using hot pads and paraffin wax to loosen the hand muscles. Getting new splints soon. You tolerate your splints well. Hoping for functional movement to use spoon to feed yourself and toothbrush to brush teeth. You will be evaluated soon for another dose of botox.

Karen -
She works in the admittance office and deals with insurance. She said that your discharge date is January 25th...we are hoping that this date will be pushed back when you are evaluated again. Of course, Dr. Chock's Rancho number won't help our cause. She also talked to us about Rehab without's where therapists come out to the house for therapies 15-20 hours per week. This will be a real blessing once your home.

After the meeting, we all went to your therapy and watched you stand on the tilt board. I got it on video and plan to upload the video on the blog as soon as I figure it out. You also had therapy with Julia and she dipped your hands in paraffin wax. Then you had therapy with Kristina and she gave you orange juice and apple sauce.

By the time you got back to your room, you were so tired you fell right to sleep.

Love you!! xo Jen

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  1. this will serve as an invaluable record of the progress johnny's made (with all of his loving family's support, no doubt!) and for ALL the progress to come. :)