Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 36 : Feb 16 - Feb 22


Cody and I came to see you on Tuesday and we were greeted by two deer up the road. The buck took off but the doe stayed around for her picture to be taken.

I was able to be there when your physical therapist worked with you and I saw you move your right leg. She told you to kick it and you did a little bit. Then she told you to put your head to your chest and lift it until your head was resting on the headrest. It wasn't a fast motion, it took you some time but you did it all on your own twice!

Mickey and I found out that we are having a little BOY!! We are so excited! When I told you, you gave me a thumbs up.

Jackie does your night feedings and doesn't like for anyone to help her!

Occupational & Physical therapy ... tag teaming you : )
We had a room-warming party for you on Saturday and invited a few people to come out. You received so much stuff, the generosity was overwhelming! There are so many people that love you so much Johnny!
My friend Jennifer Kids wrote this poem for you:

Lives have been changed
time seemed to stand still
yet God laid before us
His good & perfect will
with the trials & changes
that quickly sped past
God's mercy & grace
are the true things that last
a homecoming sweet
with love & care all around
Johnny's future is here
a new room, safe & sound

You had a doctor's appointment on Monday with the Baclofen pump doctor. Mom said that she and Diana took you and you tolerated the drive well. The doctor increased your pump which may make you sleepy for the next 4 days.

Love you Johnny!! xo Jen

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