Monday, February 1, 2010

January 24, 2010


I gave you a close shave, cleaned your trach – it was nasty with dried gunk. Respiratory came in and gave you a breathing treatment. WE watched Practical Magic with your girl, Sandra Bullock. You at napped during the whole movie.

*Your bike is coming to my house today. We are going to take pictures of it and try to get it sold for you. It’s going to be terrible for me to walk past it every time I go into the house. I just don’t understand when I look at it and see no damage and then I look at you and see how much that accident has affected you. I just don’t understand!

*I painted the baby’s closet today, it’s a sage green. I’m planning on painting the room but I need to wait and find out if you’re having a baby niece or nephew.

Love you!! Xo Jen

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