Monday, February 1, 2010

January 20, 2010


Family conference today: Mom and Diana attended the meeting. We’ve asked for an extension until February 2nd on your stay at Baylor because of your wounds and because your room isn’t quite finished. We won’t find out until your release date if you’ve been granted an extension from the generous insurance gods…that was sarcasm.

Speech therapy with Kristina: You would not wake up for speech. Kristina tried to get you to spell with magnetic letters but you would not stay awake long enough. She gave you some lemon swabs too but that’s about all you would allow.
Group therapy: Answered on question right but, wouldn’t wake up long enough to participate.

Physical therapy with Chris & Craig: You stood in the standing chair. Afterwards, bed. Respiratory came in for a breathing treatment.
Diana stayed for your afternoon therapies. She said you were more awake for those.

Love you!! Xo Jen

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