Monday, February 1, 2010

January 23, 2010


I helped put you in your wheelchair and we went out front for about 20 minutes today. You looked around and seemed to enjoy being outside. The birds were very active. We went to the 2nd floor next and you check out the fish. Then we sat on the 2nd floor balcony for about 20 minutes…until it started to sprinkle. You could see better over the railing when I set you more upright.

When we got back to your room, your nurse Rebekah fed you lunch through your g-tube and we changed the bandage on your elbow. About an hour later you were put back in bed. We watched a movie together. When I told you I was feeling the baby move, you touched my belly.

Love you!! Xo Jen

P.S. Update on your room:
Carpet is laid, walls are painted and trim is painted.

Your enjoying the weather out front

Watching the fish

Watching the birds on the 2nd floor balcony

Giving me a thumbs up

This is your bed, it helps to prevent bed sores

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