Monday, February 1, 2010

January 31, 2010


Mom said when she got to your room you were red in the face and all on your arms. She said she thought maybe you had a shower because your clothes looked fresh. She gave you a haircut and a shave. Mom said that when she was done you kept putting your finger under your trach collar and you would grab her hand and put it up to your trach collar. Finally she realized you were telling her that your neck itched from the little hairs from your haircut getting in under your collar. She changed out the trach collar and you were fine. When she told me that story, I was amazed…you will find any way to communicate. I am so proud of you! Mom took you to the second floor to look at the fish. We decided you enjoy them so much that we should get you a fish tank for your room. Maybe we could find something like a DVD that is like a fish tank but without the clean up. I wonder if there’s something like that out there….

Love you!! Xo Jen


  1. looking forward to seeing pictures of johnny in his new home!


    I am a stranger to you and your family. I have been following this blog for quiet a while. I am so inspired by your blog. I had a friend who was on a motorcycle ride with her husband and they were in an accident about a year ago. This happened in McKinney and her husband was the driver and she was on the back of his bike and in the dark was a railroad tie. He didnt see the railroad tie and ended up hitting it. she was thrown off and survived but her husband was killed instantly. I truly believe that the love of you and your family is healing. I see the changes that Johnny is going through. I believe he is getting better because of all the love and support he is getting from you. I know that I am a stranger who lives in Anna, TX but you and your family and Johnny are in my daily prayers. Keep up the GREAT work. I added a website that has the Aquarium DVD that you are looking for. They also have Firplace DVD's, Carribean Beached/Wave DVD's.. I hope that helps... Take Care... Michelle