Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8, 2010


In therapy today, Julia put your hands in paraffin wax again and did some neck stretching. You went to group therapy and did very responded to all the questions with either yes, no or I don't know.

Mom said that she worked with you on the post and beads and you really did good and you tried so hard to work with clothes pins but they were too big and it was difficult for you but the main thing is you tried and you seemed to want to do it.

Mom is meeting...probably as we speak...with the equipment guy about things we'll need once we get you home. I'll post about that meeting when I know more.

Love you!! xo Jen

Mom feels strongly that you've turned another corner. You are interested in what other people around you are doing. She said that you were paying a lot of attention to the other patients in group today. You also saw Chris, your OT therapist from across the room and you were watching him very intently. This is something you haven't done before.

Dad came in around 1pm today and you just stared at his jacket. He finally told you that it wasn't your jacket. You must have been studying it pretty hard. Dad took you to speech therapy and physical therapy and then they measured you in your wheelchair for a wheelchair to go home in. Dad said that since you were in the wheel chair already, he took you for a trip around the hospital.

Mom said that the spots on your back have turned into sores. I hope that it's not causing you discomfort!

Take care little brother! Love you!!

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