Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 12, 2010


I was able to go to therapy with you today. We started out in Group where you shined! You answered all questions correctly!!! Then it was off to see Craig. He put you on the tilt table and got you to 80 degrees. You tolerated it really well. I was shocked at how flat your feet got.

Chris was next and put you on a machine you've never been on before. You peddled yourself for about 43 seconds.

Bryan did your OT therapy today and you did not like it. I obviously was being too nice to you because Bryan said something about me being your wife...I said, I am his sister and that is just nasty! I'm going to have to tone-down my level of care so that never happens again. Nikki in respiratory therapy taught me how to put a breathing treatment tube together and how to give you a breathing treatment. She also taught me how to suction you and clean your trach...I played along because I already knew how to do that and have been for months. They are getting us prepared for when you go home in two weeks...or so. As I was leaving, mom was just getting there. She went to your swallow test with you. You didn't do so good but we are convinced it's because of the order they give you the food to test. They start off with liquids and if they started off with the solid, you could have time to use the chewing muscles before giving you something that will just slide down your throat. I'm just upset for you, you don't have too many simple pleasures and you really enjoy eating right now.

Love you Johnny!! xo Jen

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