Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010


You had therapy today. Neuro came first and then Craig took you to 70 degrees on the tilt board. That's really great! Chris in OT stretched you out and then it was back in bed. Mom said you were sound asleep after therapy.

You have a bruise on your spine caused by the belly band that they insist you wear to prevent you from messing with your feeding tube. Mom in no uncertain terms told them that the band would be removed and in fact removed it herself. She said that you don't need it, you don't mess with your feeding tube and you never have. Your so thin that anything pushing on your skin is going to cause skin break down. I think she took care of it and your on the mend.

Love you Johnny!! xo Jen

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  1. johnny, sounds like you have an all-around great support system fighting for you! mommas know best! ;)