Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 45 : April 20 - April 26


You've had a productive week!!!
You stood in your standing frame at various degrees for a total of 28 minutes. You got to 50% and did very well!!

Mom made some terriyaki chicken (Mickey's recipe) and put it in this really cool holder that you can chew on but won't get choked on. You really enjoyed that!

You also had a sucker today. Mom said you chewed it off the stick. She said she thinks you enjoyed the stick the most ... ha! You had a few spoonfuls of food also but you didn't do too good with that. The main thing is, you trying and that's terrific!!

Mom said that she took you outside and you watched her and Robert dig up Red Oak trees and put them in pots. This of course is courtesy of a forgetful squirrel who stashed his acorns and then didn't dig them up so now there are baby trees in the yard. Mom said ya'll "gotta little mud on the tires" caused by the rain the night before and tracked it all in the house from your room to the kitchen. That does not sound like fun to clean up!

Buddy and Tammy came out to see you and spent about 4 hours. Johnny, you are so blessed to have such good friends! They are taking great care of your dog Abby too!

Mickey, Cody and I came out Sunday after church to see you. When we got there, Dad was spending time with you while mom, Robert and Jackie were at church. We had a great visit and it was so hard to leave Sunday evening. At one point, there was you, me, mom, Jackie and Cody all watching a movie in your room. It was great!

Your new wheelchair deluxe arrived finally. It is built for comfort and speed (as Jackie found out rolling you down your ramp) Mom says that is a story for another day...I haven't heard it yet but will blog when I do, I'm sure it's hilarious!

Well, your having your swallow test tomorrow (Tuesday April 27th). Your speech therapist, Diana and Mom are all going. I'm sure you'll do great! I'll report on that next week.

Love you so much!! And, I am so proud of you and your progress!! XOXO Jen

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