Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 42 : March 30 - April 5


You had some special visitors this week!! David and Melinda came from California and spent the afternoon with us. It was so good to see them and you really impressed them with how good you look and how well your doing. It was a great visit and we were sorry to see them leave...wish they could have stayed longer : (

While David and Melinda were here, Lisa did electrode therapy on your throat. You were telling us that you were okay in this picture.

Mickey, Cody and I came down this past weekend and spent the whole day. We took you outside because the weather was so great. You really seemed to enjoy it. Mom had mentioned that she wanted to get the bricks from your yard and put them around the flower garden she is planning on making after your porch is built. Of course, I said let's do it! So, we did.

Your giving me a wave...we are about to go outside.

Your watching mom work in the garden. She was telling me about the bell peppers she was about to plant when she noticed that she didn't have green bell peppers, she had jalapenos. You were forever trying to get her to plant some before your accident...she's been trying to figure out how you got them in her shopping basket. You are amazing! ha!

You really enjoyed being outside.

We were heading down to your yard to gather bricks and took you with us. In this picture it looks like your fed up and your going home.

Your watching us work. It took about 4-5 trips to gather all those bricks and we still didn't get them all. I caught you laughing at us a few times...wonder what you thought was so funny?

Cody's walking you back home, it was time for your meds and food.

Meeting of the minds : )

1st day on the porch construction.

Mom and Diana took you to Dallas to see Dr. Thomas on Monday. Dr. Thomas is the baclofen pump doctor and he is so nice! He refilled your pump, increased it 10% and agreed to do Botox injections on 5/3 at 9 am. He gave mom a doctor's order on the theracycle so she can try to get insurance to pay some of that. That would sure be nice! He went over all your medications with Mom and Diana. He stopped some of the medications and cut some of them in half. The antidepressant your taking is really a sleeping pill and mom is going to decrease it each week until it's gone...unless you stay awake. All in all, it was a very beneficial visit.

Love you so much!! xo Jen

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