Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 46 : April 27 - May 3


Well, I said in my last post that I would blog about your dysphasia test (swallow test). You did not do too good. I guess you could say you failed the test. Mom and Diana feel like you were set up to fail. Meaning, they didn't listen to the people that are around you and know you most...including your speech therapist. You'll get another chance to do the test again later. After your appointment, Your speech therapist worked with you under a tree at the hospital on your dynavox. Your really getting good at it!

Jackie, Robert and Mom put you in your standing frame for about 30 minutes. This is a picture of them getting you set up in it. You got to 60% standing. It's really an ordeal putting you in the frame and getting it all set up for as little amount of time your in it but it is so beneficial!! Mom took a couple of really cute pictures of Jackie helping out but didn't realize she didn't have the memory card in the camera. She blamed it on a senile moment but you and I both know that that is how our mother rolls!! She didn't take pictures of it but did tell me that she put your shoes on the wrong feet again...what you must be thinking while she's doing it...ha! Her first mistake is repeating her "senile" moment to the one in charge of the blog...(insert evil laugh).

Brian, Monty, Mom, Robert, Jackie and her friend Erin all worked on painting the new addition to the house on Saturday. When Mickey, Cody and I got to Mom's on Sunday, you couldn't tell where the new began and the old ended. It really looks nice!

Jackie and Erin helping out with the painting.

Mom and Robert's church was having a youth auction to raise money for the youth and they took you. This is a picture of you and Robert arriving at the church.

Your in the church during the auction. You can see Jackie in the background in the church kitchen. The youth raised $16,000 dollars during this auction.

You and Mom left the auction early...Mom told Robert she would be fine getting you back in bed by herself. She would use a method called lift, pivot and turn. Well, she forgot one thing ... she didn't lock the bed. She got you lifted, she got you pivoted, she, you and the bed went rolling and you and mom ended up on the floor. Mom said you were on your knees on the floor and it looked like you were praying...ha! This is a picture of you finally making it from the floor to the bed. Do I dare ask her if this was another of her senile moments...ha, ha!! You really have to laugh to keep from crying!

You had an appointment today to get botox. This is a picture of you waiting on your doctor. You got 11 injections with a 3 inch needle. Mom said you didn't even blink. The nurse told mom that each needle cost $2,000 so you had $22,000 dollars worth of botox injected in you today.

The botox machine, Pretty interesting.

After your appointment, you were pretty wore out...this is on the drive home.

Well, all in all you had a pretty great week. I'm proud of you!!

Love you!! XO!! Jen

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