Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 44 : April 13 - April 19


What a busy, doctor visiting, week you've had!!
Tuesday you had a dentist appointment with Dr. Stevens. You did so good!! You bit down on the x-ray wings to get pictures of your teeth with no problem at all! Your going to need some fillings in the front on the teeth damaged in the accident but you have nothing going on in the back of your mouth...good news! On Thursday you had an unplanned visit to a GI doctor, Dr. Ostricil. Mom noticed that your feeding tube was leaking and you were groaning as if in pain all afternoon so she got you in to see the GI doctor. They did a temporary tightening of your feeding tube and scheduled you for surgery to have it replaced and to do a little exploring around your stomach lining. Saturday, Valerie brought her twins to see you...it was the first time you've met her kiddos. Brandy and her kids stopped by too. Your surgery was scheduled for Monday. We had you there at 10:30 and surgery was scheduled for noon but it was after 1:00 before you were taken back. Your surgery lasted about 30 minutes and then you were in recovery. You were so funny before they took you back, you kept sticking your tongue out at me and you were cracking yourself up. You were being really funny! After your recovery time, we loaded you up in the wheel chair and mom and Robert headed home with you. When I checked on you today, mom said you didn't sleep much that night but you seemed fine. Dr. Ostricil said she didn't need to see you again until next year unless something came up ... she doesn't realize that it's not going to be too long and we'll be removing that feeding tube for good!!

Your wearing your new shirt and shorts. You really like the eagle on this shirt.

Your meeting Valerie's son for the first time

Your outside the GI Services department waiting for your turn

Your getting a pep talk from mom

Before surgery

Smiling ... I love it when you smile!!

Your cracking yourself up

After surgery

Love you!! Xo Jen

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