Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 43 : April 6 - April 12


Your standing frame came this week. You used one while you were in Baylor Rehab and you did very well with it. This one seems to be top of the line but like everything, it has it's good and bad. It doesn't seem to be very user friendly to get into. I guess if you were able to get in by yourself it would be easier but if you were able to do that then you wouldn't need the standing frame...would you?

Your therapists did some back stretches with you.

Mom took you outside to get some sun...is that the camera or the bright rays bouncing off your white legs? My eyes, my eyes...ha, ha!

Thursday you gave mom a scare. She came into the check on you around 6 am and you had a river coming out of your mouth. You had thrown up in the night sometime between 2 am and 6 am. It was a lot and it was everywhere. Scarey! We never did figure out what happened although we all have our own theories. Mine is that you had a coughing fit and it made you throw up...happens to me sometimes : )

Saturday I came to see you and ended up staying all day. It was a great visit. It gave mom time to work on your garden outside while Robert worked on your porch and walkway. We went outside and sat most of the day on the swing on the front porch...well, I sat on the swing, you sat in your wheel chair. But, the day was beautiful and you really seemed to love being outside.

Your giving me a wave

Petting Izzy

Jackie with her work tools on...I think that was the hardest she worked all day, putting those tools through her belt loops...ha!

This is a picture of the flower bed mom is making you. There are roses, bricks, rocks and monkey grass all transplanted from your yard.

This is the window to your room

Beginnings of the ramp

Door to your room

Porch & ramp

Sunday afternoon mom, Jackie & I took you to Wal-mart. Mom had a list of things to get and we thought you might enjoy looking around the store. You did so good, I was so proud of you!! You pointed out things and seemed really alert!

While we were gone to Wal-mart, Cody, Mickey and Robert worked on the porch/walkway. They made great progress!
Jackie & Cody nailing in boards for the walkway

Monday you had a doctor appointment with the trach doctor. Mom and Diana took you and had a list of questions from Lisa, your speech therapist. The doctor said you are a good candidate for trach removal. That is, if you start swallowing and eating on your own. This means that you still have a lot of work to do but you will have a great reward at the end!! The doctor also ran a scope down your nose and said that your vocal cords looked great. That's good news too!!

Love you!! Xo Jen

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