Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prayer request for Johnny

Johnny was taken to the emergency room last night around midnight. He had an elevated blood pressure and a low oxygen level. Johnny was given a CT of his chest and it showed he has pneumonia in both lungs. Johnny has been intubated with a tube that goes into his lungs and inserts oxygen. Because he has pneumonia in both lungs, he's not breathing in deep enough and exhaling enough to remove the carbon dioxide from his lungs. The doctor said that Johnny is breathing on his own but the extra oxygen is helping. Johnny has also been sedated so he can rest more comfortably and to help with the gag reflex. There is also a tube in Johnny's nose to drain the blood off his stomach ... produced by the intubation. The doctor plans to ween Johnny off the oxygen sometime tomorrow. Please pray that this happens. It took so long to have his trach removed and our fear is that if he has another one, the build up of scar tissue will make it's removal difficult and possibly not possible. As I type this, I'm sitting in his ICU room waiting while they take him for another CT scan. It is really hard to see him hooked up to all the blue tubes again. It takes me back to parkland when he was in a coma fighting for his life. The other patients in this ICU unit are gray haired and have similar tubes and things ... Beeping machines and worried family members. I can't help but think how unfair it is that Johnny's got so much color left in his hair ... meaning he's too young for this! I also hate how familiar I've become with hospitals. I want to scream enough! Johnny's back from his CT scan ... I asked if he smiled for his picture ... they said he did ... you have to keep a sense of humor! The nurse got Johnny all situated and turned in his bed. They rotate to prevent skin breakdown and bedsores. Any movement like that can cause his tube to irritate and makes him cough. Watching you cough Johnny was just like before ... No sound but violent shaking. All I could do was stand and cry for you. My heart aches for this to be over for you! It's all just too much and unfair and hard to watch! I love you Johnny and would love to take this pain away for you! Best I can do Is pray and I'm doing that!

Love you!! XO Jen

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