Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 21, 2011

Your smiling while you tickle Ty ... I love this picture : )
I asked you what you call me and you typed this.

Showing your therapist how you work with magnetic letters. She was impressed!
This is a retired therapy dog. We saw him at the Mckinney Christmas on the square. You're petting him. I think the dog is telling you to get that stupid hat off him.

You were listening to some very loud music and enjoying every minute of it.

The picture doesn't show it but you were tapping your thumb to the beat.

Reindeers. Pretty cool!

You're making a donation to the Salvation Army.

Jackie pretending to let you go ... mom said your brakes were on ... what do you think?

The animals on your residence.

Resting in the shade.

Jackie ... hmmm, I don't know ... being Jackie : )

Christmas morning ... Jackie's asleep in your bed.

Newest member of the family ... Danny. Izzy is saying hello.

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