Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You were scheduled to move from ICU into a regular room today but there isn't one available so you are still in ICU while we wait for one. Right now the problem seems to be in your peg tube ... Your feeding tube. It seems to be clogged and the nurses are having no luck flushing it out. You are going to have an X-Ray today to see what the problem is and they may decide to replace it with a new one. You had that done not too long ago and it's a simple procedure. The doctor switched your antibiotic to a different one that can be given to you in pill form. This means that the nurses dilute it in water and give it to you through your feeding tube. I'm guessing you still have the central line in your arm since they aren't able to give you your meds through your feeding tube right now. All in all, I'd consider this progress! Love you little brother and I'm praying for you!

XO Jen

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