Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Year 1 Week 1 : June 17 - June 22


You are becoming quite the little terd! Mom said that she went to give you your meds tonight (17th) and you waved both hands in the air trying to slap her hands. You managed to spill the meds. Mom had taken the left cast off your hand and hadn't put it back on. She told you to quit hitting but you kept on so she tied your right arm to the bed with a pillow case while she gave you your meds. You were smiling while you were hitting at her. She told you it was not funny but apparently you thought it was. Caution: Watch for the right hook when you least expect it!!

Dad came by this afternoon (22nd) and set with you for a couple of hours. Y'all watched Madagascar. Mom had been working outside while April and Lisa were here doing your therapy...she got so hot she jumped in the pool and stayed there a while. Maybe soon you'll be able to take a dip too. Your suppose to have a test done to see if you can finally have the trache removed. I know that will be a huge step forward!!

Mom said after Dad left she took you into the living room and You, mom and Jackie watched a movie. You started touching your mouth and tensing up. Mom couldn't tell what was wrong so she got you the Dynavox. You typed "Take me somewhere where I can sleep". So, Mom put you to bed. It still amazes me how well you communicate your needs.

It's been a week since I saw you last...Driving out to where you are is getting painful. Seems like Mickey hits every bump along the way. We got to where I would drive but I'm having so many random contractions that it makes it really hard! I have two weeks and 1 day until Ty's scheduled C-section...July 7th. I can not wait for you to meet him.

Jackie helping you with the standing frame.

Sunday afternoon Mom, Jackie, Sandra and you went to the Hillsboro Outlet Mall and shopped for a few hours. Mom said you really seemed to enjoy your time out. This is a picture of you getting ready to load up and go.

Playing thumb war with Jackie

Jackie made dessert from a recipe in a magazine - by herself ... she's growing up!

Love you Johnny!! XO Jen

II Corinthians 12:9
My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.

Isn't that comforting! Have a great week little brother!! Love you : )

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