Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week 50 : May 25 - May 31


Well, You've had a busy week. On the 25th, your daughter turned 13...she's a teenager now!! It's so hard to believe!! I can remember the day she was born with all that black hair and so tiny!! Do you remember Cody was still in his body cast and we just wheeled him in to see her in his wheelchair. You would be very proud of your little girl, I know she's proud of you!!

Speaking of being proud, Cody bought a truck this week and one of the things he said was, "Uncle Johnny would be proud I got a Chevrolet".
This is a picture of Cody counting out his down payment.

Standing next to his new ride.

He was so ready for me to put down the camera so he could drive off in his truck : )

YES! I cried as he drove off the lot!! That's a mother's choice! I did think about you laughing at me crying as Cody drove away and then I decided your still a butthole and I didn't care! So, I took a few more pictures and cried some more! It's hard to believe how fast our kids are growing up!!

Jackie is singing "Johnny Angel" to you ... look at how you are looking at her.

Jackie dancing for you as she sings to you.

Mom took Jackie and a friend to Hawaiian Falls for her birthday. (Isn't mom brave!) Mickey and I came out to see you and spend the day with you. We decided to take you for a ride and ended up at dad's new place in Hubbard. It's the first time you've been there and you just kept looking's a lot different then their house in Red Oak. You did really well and for our first solo trip with you, that was a good thing!

When we got back from Dad's, you were tired so we put you back in bed.

On mom's way home from the water park, she bought a pool. This is the some assembly required part : )

You're getting ready to go outside. It was still morning but man was it already getting hot! I'm sure you were sweat'n in your casts!

We watched mom dig up her potatoes.

Looks good! Didn't mom do a great job ... there were onions too but I didn't take a picture of those, I don't like onions : )

Enjoying the outside.

Jackie taking a morning dip in her new pool...she's talking to you.

You got your new casts put on Tuesday the 26th and taken off again on the 30th. You'll have them put on again June 2nd. The therapist is planning on doing this atleast two more times. It's already an improvement.

Love you Johnny!! XO Jen

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