Monday, July 5, 2010

Year 1 Week 2 : June 22 - 28


You did really well feeding yourself today. You even made the chewing motion.

You spent 20 minutes today on the bike.

At 4pm today you spelled BED with your magnetic letters. Yesterday at this same time you wrote “take me somewhere where I can sleep”.

The Dynasplint lady came today; she will follow up with insurance to see about getting you ankle splints. Not sure about arms yet. Mom was working on the computer and gave you a pen, you wrote very clearly, “it’s time” … complete with the apostrophe. Mom asked you, time for what? She couldn’t read what you tried to tell her so she got the magnetic letters. You spelled, “to go home”. Then you wrote “theropy”. Mom said, yes you have to finish therapy. You wrote “kinda sucks”. Mom said, are you telling me therapy kinda sucks? And you said, “yes”. Then you wrote, “if it’s gonna work then we need to watch and not let the others turn us, we can do this”. What a great attitude!!

You went to Dr. Thomas’s office to have your Baclofen pump refilled, he refilled it 10%. You are now up to 598 ml. Your next appointment will be the end of August.
After appointment, you went to lunch with some of mom’s friends from her old work, you went to Mother Fuddruckers . Then you went to a thrift shop and then the Farmers Market. Afterwards, you, mom and Jackie meet me in Uptown Village in Cedar Hill. It was so good to see you. I think you were happy to see me too because you kept reaching out to touch my hand. My friend Jennifer Kids was with me and she told me later how great you looked and how aware you seemed. You were happy to see Cooper too. He said, Hi Johnny and you raised your hand to wave and then you reached for him. It was so good to see you!! After our visit, you headed home.

Jackie went out to gather the eggs and found a chicken snake in the chicken pen. Robert killed it.

Robert and mom put you in your standing frame for 40 minutes today. You said your knee was hurting. Mom had you type on the kids computer – you really typed well on it. You asked when you could go home. Mom told you you needed to stay here and have therapy. You asked “how many people will it take for therapy.” Then you typed “I’m going to get my knee fixed”.

Today you, mom and Jackie met Mickey and I at my doctor’s appointment. I had a sonogram scheduled and I had been talking to mom on the phone that morning and mentioned I had to get ready for the appointment. I thought you had therapy so I didn’t ask mom if y’all wanted to go but she said she wanted to and hopped in the van quick and fortunately was about to get to the appointment on time because the sono tech was running late. You really seemed to enjoy seeing your nephew on the screen and you seemed to know what was going on. After my sono appointment I had an appointment to see my doctor so you, mom and Jackie waited on Mickey and I so we could go to lunch afterwards. While in my appointment, my blood pressure was really high and I was swollen in my legs so my doctor told me that I was going to have a baby tomorrow (6/29). I started crying. My doctor said, last week you cried because I told you I wasn't going to take the baby…this week I tell you I am and you cry … what’s that about? Of course, I cried some more. I’m just so excited to meet Ty and a little scared about the surgery. What started out a lazy Monday quickly turned into a busy Monday. Mom got on the phone really quick to cancel your therapy for Tuesday so you could be at the birth.
So exciting Johnny … you get to meet your nephew tomorrow!!

Love you Johnny!! Xo Jen

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