Sunday, August 15, 2010

Year 1 Week 9: Aug 10 - Aug 16


Oh what a week you've had!! Praise God ... you FINALLY had your trach removed! What a glorious day!! The doctor said that it could take three weeks or up to three months for the hole to close in your throat. It was more than half way closed the next day!! This is such a milestone Johnny and one we've been praying along time for. I know you must feel tons better.

Valerie came out to spend the day with you on Saturday. She spent all day with you while mom took Jackie school shopping. They met Ty and I in Cedar Hill and we got Jackie all ready for her 8th grade year ... can you believe she's in 8th grade.

You had a great time with Valerie! Thanks Val for giving mom the much needed break!! Love you!!!

Your playing connect four and enjoying yourself!
Picture of you trach free. Your pointing at your arm brace and letting mom know you want it off.

Your still having to do breathing treatments but now it's the more traditional way ... instead of through your trach (which is g*o*n*e)!!!
Love you Johnny and so proud of your progress!! xo Jen

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