Sunday, August 15, 2010

Year 1 Week 10 : Aug 17 - 23


You were tag teamed by your therapists today. You worked on feeding yourself and you did really well!!

Ty hung out on Granny's couch while his mommy visited with you. By the looks of him, he didn't mind! Ha!

You keep coughing and mom keeps giving you Mucinex. You don't have a fever so maybe it's just allergies. You've been sleepy today, maybe it's from your pump being increased ... your at 901 now.
Jackie had a good first day of school. After you went to sleep, she and mom went to walmart to get a few things that she needed for school. They said walmart was a zoo and had to go to the dollar store to get glue sticks because walmart was out.

Love you!! XO Jen

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