Monday, July 5, 2010

Year 1 Week 6 : July 20 - 26


Today the mail brought you a special package from your OT, April.
The card said, "Happy Happy Birthday Johnny...old man! I miss you already.
Warmest Regards, April" She could always make you laugh and she sent you the
Three Stooges DVD's to make you sure you continued to laugh (even though she
has taken another job and won't be your OT anymore).

This is a picture of you and April - you are wearing the shirt your sister
gave you that says "Hey ladies - this could be you"

This is a picture of you after your shower. You turned your head to watch
the Three Stooges and laughed outloud. Thank you April for this special
blessing for Johnny.

Jackie has started a summer sewing project.

Johnny, you had a lot of tone and pain today. I tried oral baclofen and even an
agitation pill. You used the standing frame but it was scarey at first with
all the tone you had. You settled down after I gave you the agitation pill.

You had a session with your new OT and you seem to like her. She's very nice.
She tried something with your writing I never thought of. She printed your
name in yellow highlighter and had you trace it. You did well.

The harness for the standing frame was close to your trach and must have
bothered you - twice you grabbed your trach and pulled it half way out. Kim
and I had to fight you.

Aunt Donna sent you a birthday card and I read it to you . It was sweet
and you wanted to hold it.

Love you Johnny!! XO Jen

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