Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 47 : May 4 - May 10


Well, it would be nice if the doctors that failed your swallow test could get a look at you now! You ate a jar of turkey and a 1/2 jar of apple blueberry this week. You gulped them down no problem! Your speech therapist took these pictures of you feeding yourself. You did an awesome job!

I absolutely love your sense of humor...you are so funny and you make your own jokes when you can!! Mom said that she was having you practice the sounds : la, lo, le and in the middle of it, she sneezed. She told you you didn't have to try to say that (the sneeze) and you started laughing. We all live for moments like these! Your such a happy man!
This is a picture of you laughing at one of your therapist, April's jokes.

On another speech therapy day, Lisa tried to get you to eat some turkey and you didn't want it. Mom suggested she try oatmeal apple and you did better with it. She also gave you swallows of water and you did fine with it as long as it was 1 ml at a time. The night before you ate an entire jar of banana strawberry and you did great. Again...where are the doctors when you need them to see something : )

Mom said your getting better on your dynavox. You were working on it and you pressed the button "come here mom" and she was standing right next to you. She put her face to your face and asked you if this was close enough...ha! You both started laughing! Such a great sense of humor you have : )

I know you are so proud of your daughter, she was inducted into the National Honor's Society Friday evening. Mom said you went to the ceremony and were a little nervous but very proud of her. She looked very pretty but you'll have to take my word for it, the battery was dead in the camera so there isn't a picture...sorry!

You stood in your standing frame at 90% ... WOW!! That's so great! Here's a picture of you and Cody before you were standing.

This is you standing...I know it's hard Johnny but your doing such an awesome job!!

You, mom and Diana : )

Look at you go! Your working a puzzle and doing great! You even pick up pieces of puzzle using the edge of the table. Your a little slow on the release but your getting the job done! So proud of you : )

Mickey and I came out Saturday and spent the day with you and also mom...it's Mother's Day weekend. You and Mickey were cracking yourselves up all day! On the drive back home, Mickey kept talking about all the things that made you laugh. You were a lot of fun today : ) It was a great day!!!

Love you so much!! XO Jen

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